dFuture-BSC Chain LP Token Staking Migration Operation Instructions

Dfuture Finance
3 min readApr 28, 2021


Reason for migration: As Pancake upgraded the V2 version and opened a new liquidity pool, dFuture users need to perform liquidity mining migration. The old LP Token staking will no longer gain profit. Please transfer the LP Token staked in the old liquidity pool to the new one on dFuture ASAP.

Migration start time: April 29, 17:00 (GMT+8)

1. Redeem the old LP Token

Click [Stake LP Token]-[Pancake-DFT/BNB (old)]-[Redeem] on dFuture to redeem the staked LP Token back to your wallet.

2. Remove Liquidity on Pancake Swap

Entering Pancake Swap and connect to your wallet,

click [Trade — V1 Liquidity (Old)]-[Your Liquidity]-[DFT/BNB]-[Remove] for visiting DFT/BNB removal page, click [Approve] and [Remove] to remove liquidity, then you can withdrawal both DFT and BNB to your wallet.

3. Add New Liquidity and Get LP Token

Entering [Trade — Liquidity]-[Add Liquidity] through the menu on Pancake Swap, then following the interface guidance to provide liquidity to DFT/BNB and obtain LP Token.

4. LP Token Staking in the Second Pool

Click [LP Token]-[Pancake-DFT/BNB], then click [stake] on dFuture to complete staking new LP Token and start gaining profit.


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