dFuture Monthly Summary-April 2021

To all dFuturers:

This April is quite a busy month for dFuture team.

All crypto lovers we have experienced the extreme unilateral market during 18th Apr. However, one gratifying thing is our pricing mechanism still maintains stability, with zero accidents happened such as system crashes, etc.

Meanwhile, this extreme market price didn’t produce any large losses for dFuture LPs, but help them achieve better returns crediting to our pricing mechanism.

Let’s get back to our platform function improvement, we kept the speed of the new version upgrade as each time in a few days.

In conclusion, we have launched the take-profit and stop-loss function, which has improved the trading experience of dFuture;

We launched DOGE/USDT, Fil/USDT, UNI/USDT, BNB/USDT trading pairs; And we launched the multi-language version of dFuture mobile terminal; The migration and update of the second pool mining in BXH and Pancake Swap were also completed as the same time.

Now let’s move forward to dFuture April operating data:

The operating data for this month,

Total Transaction Volume: $4,415,300,873

Cumulative Number of Transactions: 75,641 times

Trading Peak of Single Day: $238,556,894

Top TVL Amount: $40,321,258

Average TVL Amount: $31,258,642

Number of Contract Interaction Addresses: 2377

Transaction Fee Dividend in Total: $580,000

Cumulative Number of Liquidated Positions:211

2.DFT Repurchasing

To achieve a sustainable balance between the growth and incentives of DFT token, dFuture will continually repurchase and burn DFT token. The second time DFT burning was successfully executed on 29 April, and 572,817 DFTs have been successfully burnt out.

The details of April DFT token repurchasing and burning are as follows:

Date: 2021.04.29

Burning Operate ID:





Burning Address:


DFT Burnt: 572,817 DFTs

HECO: 299,455 DFTs;BSC: 273,362 DFTs;

Until now, 1,109,128 DFTs have been burnt out during total twice repurchasing and burning operations.

HECO: 548,796 DFTs;BSC: 560,332 DFTs;

Other Instructions:

-The monthly repurchase will be carried out accordingly to the market conditions to avoid initial short-term speculative price changes.

-Subsequent destructions will be implemented after the end of each calendar month.

Outlooking of May.

The priority work in May is still to further optimize the platform trading environment and keep import real feature trading users.

We have already made significant progress in the user trading experience in April, and will still be on this aspect this month.

The following works are expected to be promoted in this month:

Optimize the liquidation mechanism:

We will launch a stepped liquidation mechanism early this month. It will make the liquidation line of dFuture more friendly to traders and reduce the pressure of liquidation.

Add more trading pairs:

We will take advice from our community and add more trading pairs to provide asset diversity to our users.

The first dFuture trading competition:

Due to some sudden changes in partnership working last month, we spent extra energy dealing with those unexpected situations. Therefore, the preparation work of the trading competition might need more time.

We expect to launch this competition in the middle of this month, please follow our further announcements.


dFuture is an experimental derivatives trading protocol incubated by the community, and a decentralized derivatives exchange initiated and incubated by the Mix Lab under the Mix Group.

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