Dynamic closing spread mechanism

Dfuture Finance
2 min readMar 9, 2021

Dear users:

After dFuture officially launched the main network of Heco and BSC on February 28, after an exciting week of hard work, the platform has initially entered a stable operation stage. At present, the total margin (TVL) of the platform is 50 million USDT, and the average daily transaction volume of the platform is 400 million USDT( https://www.defipulse.com/ )According to the statistics, dFuture platform is the world’s largest trading platform in terms of daily trading volume TVL is the fourth largest decentralized derivatives exchange in the world. Next, we will continue to make efforts in the product and operation side, and cooperate with more excellent third parties to further expand the user scale and transaction scale of dFuture, so that more users can enjoy a smooth decentralized derivatives trading experience on the dFuture platform.

At the same time, with the increasingly active trading platform, we have a deeper understanding of QCAMM mechanism. Through several days of testing and data analysis, in order to further encourage and meet the actual transaction needs of users, and to better support the optimization of the external quotation system in the near future, dFuture will temporarily increase the dynamic closing spread mechanism at this stage, and it is expected to cancel the mechanism after the completion of the optimization of the external quotation system

Dynamic closing spread mechanism: dFuture’s original spread design is 0.01%, which charges the spread fee when the transaction is closed. The fee flows into the platform venture fund and belongs to LP. When LP redeems its margin, it will get the return of its corresponding share from the venture fund. In order to make the QCAMM mechanism more perfect, we introduce a time variable. The time from opening to closing is within 0–10 blocks, the spread is 0.07%; within 10–100 blocks, the spread is 0.04%; over 100 blocks, the spread is 0.03%.

At the same time, we are testing the trading white list scheme, which will be open to high-quality trading users who meet the conditions.

Users who meet the requirements of high-quality traders will enjoy preferential treatment in terms of handling charges and spreads. Customers who want to participate in the white list program should contact our customer service: dfuture_finance

dFuture is the first decentralized derivatives trading protocol based on QCAMM mechanism. Although we are the proponent of QCAMM, we still need to learn more about QCAMM mechanism. We also need time to adjust and optimize the parameters of QCAMM, such as transaction fees, closing spread, opening ratio and LP margin pool reserve ratio. We will try our best to be the first publish the information about the changes of various parameters and indicators of the system, and ask you to grow with us.